01 July, 2017

The dog master by W. Bruce Camaron

Way, way back in time groups of Homo sapiens co-existed in an area somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere.  They each have their own traditions and are more than a little wary of each other.  This story follows  a man on his own, estranged from his people and two other groups, one calling themselves the Kindred the other the Wolfen. 
The fellow on his own dens in with a paralysed she-wolf and her cubs, gaining acceptance from them as he is their only provider of meat.  He seems the most likely person to forge the first human-canine pact, but the Wolfden have especial affinity for wolves and model their society on wolf packs and even donate meat to a favoured wolf.  All of the humans know that wolves are dangerous, but then all of their lives are full of danger. 
The people here may not have many possessions but they are fully human; proud, greedy, wilful, kind, curious and prepared to invent explanations for the ways of the world around them. 

Title:The dog master : a novel of the first dog
Author: Cameron, W. Bruce

Reviewed by Christine O.
Christine O has worked in libraries on the North Shore for over 20 years.  She likes her fiction to be believable and her non-fiction to be accessible

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