02 May, 2017

Blackout: tomorrow will be too late by Marc Elsberg

The plot of this book intrigued me – the power suddenly goes out across Europe plunging cities into chaos and officials scrambling to find the fault.

It appears that terrorists have hacked the computer systems of power producers and suppliers, causing massive shutdowns.  Thrown together by chance, an Italian computer expert and an American journalist work together to uncover the perpetrators and prevent any further destruction, travelling across the continent and putting themselves in danger in the process.

I have mixed feelings about this book. The story-line was great and so believable it had me checking on my home emergency kit. It moves at a really fast pace and the short chapters are so easy to read that you lose track of time. Characters are located in a number of cities across the continent with chapters alternating between them all. This took me a while to get used to, but adds an extra dimension with all the different viewpoints.

On the other hand, the writing was a bit clumsy which I put down to the fact this is a translation of the original German novel. Some of the interactions and descriptions with women were a bit awkward too, with a very slight sexist tone, particularly in the physical descriptions of characters.

There are so many consequences of an incident like this that you never think of, such as the collapse of currency markets, loss of transport because petrol can’t be pumped without electricity, scarcity of prescription medicines, and farm animals that die because they can’t be cared for properly.

It really makes you think about the vulnerability of the infrastructure we rely on and the security of our online networks. Although this is fiction, the reality of this is scarily possible. A well-researched thriller that will appeal to many.

Author: Marc Elsberg

Recommended by Kathy N, Collections Development

Kathy N can’t sleep unless she has read a bit before turning the light off. As well as most fiction, she enjoys craft and lifestyle books to get project ideas for her rural home.

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