30 May, 2017

Black Lagoon. 001 By Rei Hiroe

Ah the 90s… Hair size was in the decline, to steal music you actually had to enter a shop, everyone knew the zip code to Beverly Hills, California (well one of them anyway), and if you had a cell phone you were called… a variety of derogatory names. The manga, Black lagoon is set in this magical decade, but is far less concerned with these 90s references and more with classic 90s gung-ho action.

The mercenary crew of the lagoon company take on only the most dangerous jobs as they walk a fine line between the warring gang factions of Roanpur (a fictional port somewhere in Southeast Asia) and various government departments. In the group we follow the two main characters of Revy ‘two-hand’ who is a ruthless, foul mouthed gunslinger and Rokuro “Rock” Okajima, a quick thinking Japanese salary-man with a bad case of Stockholm syndrome.

The action is fast and slick with the fights involved often being stylised and full-on. Each of the characters are unique and capable in their own way and we slowly get to know their own motivations after each adventure. We holler excitedly at their hi-jinks before quickly worrying about where on the moral compass their decisions are falling. While they are cool characters, they’re not always the 'good' guys.

The action is fast and violent (without being gratuitous), and the language is sharp and adult. Black lagoon will appeal to the 6 year old in you who snuck into the room while the adults were watching Robocop or Predator on VHS (oh wait those weren't 90s films!). Available at all good libraries today!

The latest volume is 10

Title: Black lagoon
Author: Rei Hiroe

Recommended by James W, Māngere Bridge Library

James W is lacking in many of the essentials needed for traditional piracy: desire for robbery, a penchant for criminal violence… and a boat.

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