10 March, 2017

Rajesh Khanna

In the seventies, I was a young girl and Rajesh Khanna was the superstar of Bollywood films and a very big name in Indian (Hindi) films. His smile lit up his whole face and his fan following was the kind that only very few people could dream of. The hysterical fan following he had was unbelievable and he had young teenagers writing letters of love in their blood to show their devotion to him. It was bizarre.
However, the heavy workload and an erratic lifestyle of late nights, alcohol and unhappy relationships took its toll. Rajesh Khanna was slipping from his perch at the top of a high pinnacle. His fan following started changing and new faces started becoming more famous on screen. Rajesh Khanna the king could not understand how he could put it right. He married a very talented actress, Dimple, who was very young and one of his ardent fans. This relationship later fell apart, although they had two daughters whom he adored.
In the latter part of his life he was lonely and happiness eluded him as he hankered for the good old days. Until the end he remained true to his love of acting.
I, for one, enjoyed his acting and will always remain his fan. I am sure there are others who thought the same and this book will bring back forgotten memories.

Title: Rajesh Khanna 
 Author: Yasser Usman

Reviewed by Kanchan T, Blockhouse Bay Library

Kanchan is a library assistant at Blockhouse Bay library. Reading is her passion and the library is just the place she loves being in.

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