23 February, 2017

Rethink: the way you live by Amanda Talbot

This book exudes a certain something, a mysterious beauty, it is a  portent of calm and an invitation to create some breathing space. It works its magic from first sight, with its distinctive and beautiful presentation through to its carefully curated pages.

In a sea of average and standardised book format and presentation this book most definitely catches the eye. Few of my colleagues will have handled this book and been able to resist at least a cursory look inside.

Rethink  is, loosely speaking, a home and living book that promotes a certain type of living. Not one generic form or categorisation but rather a collection of thoughtfully assembled houses, rather beautiful in their starkness and simplicity. There is something about the mood, the clean lines of the houses presented.  Part of its allure is the angle of the photography and the way the light falls that just seems to work so beautifully together.

It is almost impossible to categorise what exactly makes this book so special and soothing to spend time in. Maybe it’s the collection of ideas, the celebration of the simple yet careful curation of beautiful materials, the magic of entering a book where the design is so well crafted it’s like wandering through a state of the art gallery. Or…could it be the antidote to life’s general busyness, the cacophony of  consumer messages screaming relentlessly? This book is like walking through a cool enveloping rain forest

It doesn’t matter if home and living style books aren’t normally something you would gravitate towards, trust me on this one, you will feel soothed and restored just by handling this book for however short a time.

I could wax lyrical and itemise the many ways this book stands out from the crowd yet I fear that would lessen the pleasure of ordering this book and laying eyes on it for the first time.

Title: Rethink: the way you live
Author:  Amanda Talbot

Recommended by Sue W,  Central Library
Sue W recently took drastic action to cull the house of fleas and although she is not certain who introduced them to the house, she is pretty sure Patrick the fox is in the clear. 

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