27 February, 2017

Dear Mr. M by Herman Koch

As part of my reading resolution for 2017 I have challenged myself to try new authors. Too often it's easy to get into a groove with our favourite authors (and genres) and overlook all the other amazing books out there just waiting to open our hearts and minds.

This is how I came to read Dear Mr. M by Dutch novelist Herman Koch, a dark crime novel which weaves a sinister tale, taking the reader through a maze of alternating perspectives and shifting timelines. The central story concerns the forty-year mystery of a schoolteacher who vanished into thin air one winter's day. Part crime novel, part observation of the darker undercurrents of the human condition, this novel takes patience, so savour it as you would an exquisite five-course dinner.

It's not a fast crime caper but if you like crime novels that build with a slow turn of the screw, such as The Talented Mr Ripley, then you'll like this.

None of the characters will win your heart, rather their narcissistic egos and almost brutal cynicism make them hard to love, which is why the truth hides so well in the shadows until the final twist of the tale.

A worthy read that dances to a slightly different beat than your average crime novel. This book will appeal to any reader looking for suspenseful read!

Title: Dear Mr. M
Herman Koch
Reviewed by Jo C, New Lynn Library

Jo C is a librarian at New Lynn Library. She loves a good crime thriller, dark dystopian tales and anything left of centre. Her favourite authors are Stephen King and Margaret Atwood.
Jo C's reading pledge for 2017 is to read more non-fiction and try new authors and genres!

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