28 January, 2017

Lunatic by Kongos

Bored during the Christmas break, I was watching old You Tube clips and chanced upon a blind audition from The Voice Canada 2015. The song was “Come with me now”, sung by the very talented Simon Morin. As great as Simon Morin’s performance was, I feel it dulled in comparison to the original: written and performed by Kongos.  The song got under my skin and became my preferred ear-worm for the next few weeks.

The group Kongos consists of four brothers- Johnny, Jesse, Danny and Dylan Kongos, supported by their father, the talented 1970’s musician John Kongos.

The Kongos’ music is defined by their deep throaty voices which blend so well together, thumping African beat and use of instruments not usually heard in rock music, notably the accordion.
This is the first CD that I have felt compelled to introduce and was thrilled that Auckland Libraries has both albums that the extremely talented Kongos brothers have produced so far: Lunatic, produced in 2012 and Egomaniac  in 2016.

If catchy, alternative rock is your thing, then Lunatic will not disappoint: may “Come with me now” become your ear-worm of 2017.

Author: Kongos
Reviewed by Monica F, Waitakere Central Library

Monica F is happiest in gumboots and apron, attending to her animals, harvesting her crops and making stuff. Like all truly wholesome people, she has a dark side, and enjoys nothing better than well written true crime and forensic medicine.

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