05 December, 2016

Those who wish me dead by Michael Koryta

I usually read nonfiction and recently I realised that there are a lot of gaps in my reading repertoire.

Yes, I've read historical, classics, literary and romance fiction, but not a lot of what I think of as 'men's' fiction. James Patterson, Clive Cussler etc.
This author (Michael Koryta),was recommended to me as an introduction to the genre, and if all the books are like this then I will be reading plenty more.
Take a young teenage boy on the run from two desperate murderers, and add in the backdrop of the rugged Montana mountain back country and you have a thriller which is un-put-downable.

Jace is put into a witness protection programme to hide from two brothers because he is the only witness to their crime. A young couple who run a wilderness survival programme for troubled teenagers agree to take Jace on board to hide him. Neither of them will know which of the six boys who arrive is the one they need to keep safe.

The Blackwell brothers are hunters, ruthless and desperate, and nothing will stop them in their quest to find Jace. The action unfolds as the chase is played out in the wilderness and challenges all of their survival skills.

A very good read.

TitleThose who wish me dead.
Author: Michael Koryta

Reviewed by Clare K, Massey Library

Clare K works at Massey Library in West Auckland. She believes that there is nothing you
can't learn from a book, and the more you know the more you grow.

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