06 December, 2016

Gentlemen of the road by Michael Charbon

A warrior with a huge battle axe and scowling expression is seated in a tavern. A lank-haired skinny fellow armed with a rapier insults him and they agree to duel to the death. 

An ostler takes bets on the outcome; excitement rises as first one then the other combatant is wounded. 

It's a scam of course, the downed warrior recovers out of sight, the two duelists slink away together having made a tidy sum of money.

Zelikman and Amran, our two gentlemen of the road, have wits aplenty and fighting skills to match. When they meet a prince dispossessed by his wicked usurping uncle, and bent on revenge, they see a chance to make real money.

This rollicking, action-paced tale set far away and long ago (Caucasus Mountains, circa A.D. 1000) is saved from being a pot-boiler by sly deft humour.

Title: Gentlemen of the road
Author: Michael Charbon

Reviewed by Christine O.

Christine O has worked in libraries on the North Shore for over 20 years.  She likes her fiction to be believable and her non-fiction to be accessible. 

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