01 December, 2016

Do Over by Jon Acuff

I stumbled upon this book after reading Stuff Christians like,  not just liked, nay, LOVED no less and decided to order up everything else Jon Acuff had written.

But first I want to tell you about Stuff. The premise of this book is in indeed modeled on Stuff white people like and I realise no one likes a copy-cat, however, it is just so ridiculously funny, self deprecating and bang on you cant help but like it.

I should add that Acuff is commenting on a certain subset of Christianity so not all professing Christians will relate to this book. If, however you have experienced the  Pentecostal church environment (yes to the uninitiated, that is church “happy clappy” style) you will wince with recognition and absolutely love it. Conversely you might be massively offended and feel it denigrates everything you hold dear. It is worth that risk, trust me.

Where was I? Right, Do Over, this is Acuff serious style, well as serious as he gets. He’s talking about reinvigorating your working life and taking yourself out of that tired circular route of apathy, complaining about your work and doing very little to change either your circumstances, or your ability to generate better working conditions.

Initially I wondered what someone of his demographic would have to contribute to this topic, I can imagine him as a hipster type, exuding ridiculously high levels of self confidence and morally offended at working among philistines. (excuse the biblical pun). However what won me over was his total honesty, about his own bad  attitude and repeated self defeating behaviours.

We’re not talking another What color is your parachute? book, this is more of an inner exploration, enlisting help from trusted mentors to give you some honest feedback on your traits and areas of both strength and weakness.

Acuff does address the scenario of a change of career or workplace, its just that he explores the inner work that needs to a part of that process.

At a  time of the year when everyone is feeling rather worn and in need of some rest and replenishment that hopefully Christmas can provide, this is the book you need to read. It has more substance than the usual hot air brand of self improvement books and retains that signature humour whilst being thoughtful and insightful.

Title: Do Over
Author: Jon Acuff

Reviewed by: Sue W, Central Library.

Sue W loves her fur babies equally but differently and used to administer time out to think about bad behaviours. However, since Patrick the fox arrived, she can no longer lock a miscreant in the spare room least Patrick is set upon.

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