30 November, 2016

The Psy-Changeling series by Nalini Singh

In some circles, Aucklander Nalini Singh is a well-known author. For others, not so much. 

It all comes down to ‘genrefication’ – her books are classified as paranormal romance, so are skipped over by those who don’t read romance and/or paranormal.

However, you could well be making a mistake.

If you like complex world-building, character-driven stories – try it out.
They straddle the science-fiction/fantasy line.

Science-fiction, because they are set in a slightly future alternative world, with psychics, who have trained out emotions (with massive repercussions). 

Fantasy, because they feature changelings – it is hard to find a scientific explanation for people who can shape-shift into an animal form.

Romance, because the focus within (most of) the stories is a romantic relationship between two characters. 

Do not let your genre blinkers blind you to this amazing series, by a local author we should be celebrating. 

The long issue periods over Christmas/New Year are the perfect time for some binge reading (there are 15 in the series so far, plus a few novellas). I will be (my personal copies, as I kept needing to re-read them at random times, when library copies were not readily available – ie 2am), and I’m hanging out for the next installment, due in June. *sigh*. 

Title: The Psy-Changeling series
Author: Nalini Singh

Recommended by Annie C, Helensville Library. 

Annie C is a voracious and versatile reader, but her habitual reads are fantasy, romance, and a diverse selection of non-fiction subjects. A life-long love of children’s books, particularly picture books, helps in her day-to-day role as a children’s librarian. 

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