23 November, 2016

Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen

On their second anniversary, Chaz surprises his wife, Joey, with a week long cruise on the cruise liner, the Sun Duchess. After a nice dinner and a few too many glasses of wine, Chaz throws her overboard.

Joey knew their marriage wasn’t great but didn’t think Chaz would resort to murder. Thanks to separate bank accounts and a will that give her fortune to charity, Joey is worth more to Chaz alive than dead, so why did he do it?

After washing ashore Joey decides to stay dead for a while, and with help from some new friends and some of Chaz’s enemies, she is going to get her answers.

I picked up Skinny Dip on a whim, I had never read anything Hiaasen had written before, but I liked the opening with Joey plunging off the ocean liner, and after reading a few chapters I hated Chaz and wanted to find out how it would end.

Carl Hiaasen is a columnist for the Miami Herald and has written over a dozen books (some for children, like Hoot) and they are mostly funny crime thrillers set in South Florida with sun, corruption, intrigue, oddball characters, slapstick situations and a tight plot. So if you like Skinny Dip you are going to like his other books.

Title: Skinny Dip
Author: Carl Hiaasen.

Recommended by Murray L, Devonport Library

Murray works at the Devonport Library and likes mysteries, sci-fi and horror.

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