20 November, 2016

Me before you [DVD videorecording]

This movie is based on a romantic novel with the same name by Jojo Moyes, published in 2012.

The film talks about a high-achieving young man, Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), who becomes completely paralyzed after a motorcycle accident. For the next two years, he struggles with his situation which he finds hopeless. He decides to find his way back to his former self in “his own way”.  

During this period of time, a special bond grows between him and his caregiver, Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke), an enthusiastic, kind-hearted young lady. Their souls become intimately connected to each other, and they gradually change each other's lives.

Will this amour shake Will’s decision?

This is a brilliant film with a 7.5 rating in IMDB. A very serious ethical theme is explored in this beautiful, moving love story. 

The author cleverly has Will mention “My Left Foot” (Christy Brown’s autobiography, a man who was born paralysed) in conversation. 

He faces the same issue as Christy Brown, but decides to choose a different solution. I think they have both profoundly impacted the world. 

What is the purpose of human life? How do we define bravery? 

This story is available as a book, eBook, audiobook and sound track in our collection.

The voice of Sam Claflin who stars as Will is so rich, and mellifluous, giving an extra element of emotional intensity to the film. When reading the book, the voice seems to surround you, talk directly to you. The feeling is fantastic -- I bet you will love it!

Title: Me before you
Directed by: Thea Sharrock
Starring: Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin

Reviewed by Honour Z, Northcote Community Library

Honour Z works at Northcote Library. She loves reading biographies and nonfiction in general.

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