10 October, 2016

Who cooked Adam Smith’s dinner? : a story about women and economics by Katrine Marçal

Did you ever sit in a macroeconomic lecture, staring blankly at a graph while your professor droned on? (I did) ..or perhaps you glance over the business section of the paper just to turn to Sideswipe at the back? (I do) Perhaps once you borrowed Economics for Dummies but didn’t get past the first three pages before you gave it up for a creative piece of Fiction (guilty).
If this is sounds like you, or if you are simply interested in a new view point of economics and its impact on how the world works, then order your copy of Katrine Marçal’s book Who cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner?.

The book is a feminist view of economics. Adam Smith was the “father of political economy” who shaped our modern understanding. He built a theory based around self-interest and rational choices. Acting in our own self-interest is the foundation upon which capitalism has thrived, and the concept of the ‘economic man’ ingrained itself into our society.

This book systematically works through the skewed lens of Adam Smith and economic theorists since - pointing to their gaps. From unpaid, undervalued labour, to the potential consequences future generations will face. Every page has its own anecdote that will have you reconsidering the world we live in.

TitleWho cooked Adam Smith’s dinner? : a story about women and economics
Author: Katrine Marçal

Reviewed by: Suzy D, Mt Albert Library

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