26 October, 2016

The thief by Megan Whalen Turner

Going back in time for this month’s recommendation… 

The Thief is one of my comfort re-reads, and is not let down by its sequels.

It is Gen, the titular thief, who makes this sparkle. He is oh so human. He is witty, snide, not at all heroic – and has an overwhelming need for comfort, food, and sleep. 

When the book begins, Gen is in prison – having boasted he can steal anything, and get out of anywhere. When the chance comes for a special mission – one needing a skilled thief – where else would the King’s Magus turn? 

But Gen only reveals what he wants people to see. And that includes the reader. Hints are there all along, but finding out the truth will take until the very end. 

Fantasy, sort of – in a magical, mystical, mashed-up world of pseudo-Ancient Greece, with modern additions (like watches and guns). 

The Thief is followed by three sequels:

Each book has its own magic, and its own writing style. Readers of the series, and lovers of Gen, will enjoy each insight into this complex character and world. 

Title: The Thief.
Author: Megan Whalen Turner. 

Recommended by Annie C, Helensville Library.

Annie C is a voracious and versatile reader, but her habitual reads are fantasy, romance, and a diverse selection of non-fiction subjects. A life-long love of children’s books, particularly picture books, helps in her day-to-day role as a children’s librarian. 

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