09 September, 2016

The Benny Goodman story [DVD videorecording]

If you love jazz or swing music, or you love to listen to wind bands, then this film is for you.

Directed by Valentine Davies and released in 1954, this old movie is a biographical film of Benjamin Davies Goodman, an American clarinetist and bandleader, who is also known as the “King of Swing”. 

There is beautiful music throughout the movie. Several milestone events from Benny’s life are portrayed—from a kid living in Chicago’s poor suburbs taken by his father to join a music class run by a synagogue; to a teenager who left home to chase what he most wanted to do—playing music; becoming a young clarinetist working towards his own “wild dream”, playing the way he feels; to a musician who eventually conquered Carnegie Hall successfully.  

A romantic relationship between Benny and his prospective wife Alice develops in parallel with his music career. 

The acting of Steve Allen and Donna Reed, as well as the famous music played by Benny all contribute to the vivid atmosphere of the film. 

In the film we also see a wise and firm parent, who kept his children from bad influence, and gave them a good education to achieve a better life; and later a compassionate father supporting his son in pursuing his dream.

Overall, this is a movie which will bring wonderful entertainment to your ears and your spirit! 

Directed by Valentine Davies

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