02 September, 2016

Pen & palate: mastering the art of adulthood, with recipes by Lucy Madison and Tram Nguyen

If you like reading cookbooks and knowing about people’s experiences and adventures in cooking, try this delectable dish from the writers of the acclaimed food blog Pen & Palate. A funny, touching memoir of friendship told through stories, recipes and gorgeous hand drawn illustrations. 
Through an on-going narrative between the authors, we read about how these two best friends grow up together, discover similar interests, share their goals and aspirations with each other, and move into adult hood, each experiencing her  own share of challenges – mostly (though not always) being there for each other.
A common love of food and cooking allows them to soothe away difficulties and some delicious family recipes sweeten the story. I attempted Lucy’s chocolate chip cookies while reading the book and thoroughly recommend them.
Along with a bottle of wine, this book would make a great gift for a best friend.

Pen & palate: mastering the art of adulthood, with recipes
Authors: Lucy Madison and Tram Nguyen
Reviewed by Suneeta N, Highland Park Library
Suneeta N particularly enjoys biographies, travel stories and reading authors from around the world. She loves a good discussion and believes that everybody has a story worth telling.

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