12 September, 2016

Memory of trees by F.G. Cottam

In spite of being a skeptic when it comes to the presence of ancient mystical powers of any sort, I found myself completely engrossed by this book. Arboreal expert Tom Curtis accepts a reforesting project for billionaire Saul Abercrombie on a site with an ancient mythical history. It is a massive project and well paid, which Tom needs to help with a situation in his private life. As the work proceeds the forest appears to be imbued with a life of its own, and begins propagating itself faster than they can plant trees.

Then people begin to disappear. It becomes apparent that there is an ancient malevolent power at work, and that Abercrombie knows more than he will admit. This is a horror story that draws you in and carries you along to witness extraordinarily powerful forces of evil growing in strength once again, making a mockery of the characters modern understanding of the world.

Set in Pembrokeshire with its bleak coastline, this well written novel begins with a sense of unease which grows deeper and deeper until it develops into foreboding, and then horror. This is a gripping tale that will have you looking at the greenery in your garden in an entirely different way. Thorn bushes must be removed. Fans of a good horror story should definitely read this one.

Author: F.G. Cottam 

Reviewed by Lynda T, East Coast Bays Library.

Lynda T reads anything that grabs her interest, but is particularly interested in science fiction and young adult novels.

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