26 August, 2016

The girl from everywhere by Heidi Heilig

Time travel is great! This is a particularly delightful excursion.  A small wooden ship (a bit odd looking in modern times) and its crew travel over the world's oceans and through time.  

The captain has two addictions: one for opium and the other to return to his lost love and the mother of his daughter.  He 'navigates' using contemporary maps, some very ancient when he acquires them.They are able to sail from one era to another by passing over the margins of one map to that of another, ingenious! 

His daughter, Nix, is sixteen and ready for independence and romance but will she choose the exotic Kashmir, her shipmate or the more conventional artist and mapmaker that she meets in Hawaii in the 1860s?  

Title: The girl from everywhere
Author: Heidi Heilig 

Reviewed by Christine O.

Christine has worked in North Shore libraries for over 20 years.  She likes her fiction to be believable and her non-fiction to be accessible. 

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