10 August, 2016

The Drop Box [DVD videorecording]

In South Korea, babies are abandoned everyday. One such child was left on the church's doorstep where Pastor Lee found the child and decided he was going to do something about it.

He built a heated hatch with the church wall, so that if any other babies were abandoned, they would be protected from the elements.The drop box allows for parents to leave their child without the risk of being seen, while still allowing them not to leave their children out on the street.

The "Drop Box" is basically one man's mission to save the babies of South Korea and giving them the chance to live their lives with people who care. People do disagree with his methods, as it is now easier for parent's to abandon their child, but Pastor Lee's thinks that a parent is going to abandon a child anyway, it's just safer for the child to be with him.

It's pretty heart breaking to see the children Pastor Lee has saved, some of them still live in with the Pastor and his wife. The movie shows the children's backgrounds and the difficulties of raising the children, as some of them need specialist care.

A great movie but if you have a tender-heart, maybe not the one for you.

Title: The Drop Box
Language: In English with some Korean dialogue and optional French Subtitles. Optional English Subtitles for the hearing impaired.

Recommended by Emma W

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