24 August, 2016

The big questions in science – the quest to solve the great unknowns, by Hayley Birch, Mun Keat Looi, Colin Stuart.

‘The big questions in science’ is an interesting non-fiction book, written by three science writers.  The authors take twenty of the most intriguing scientific questions of our time, and then explain them (or try to explain them) in relatively simple language and through the use of diagrams and photographs.

The book starts by looking at some of the big cosmos questions such as “What is the universe made of?”, and “are we alone in the universe?”, then moves on to human questions like “what makes us human?” and “what is consciousness?”.

There are also theoretical topics such as “what’s so weird about prime numbers?”, and biological subjects like “will we ever cure cancer?” Each section of the book is carefully researched and explained, and it is great to just pick up and dig into at any chapter.  The book is written in different formats – in addition to standard layout there are many black pages with white text, bright orange feature articles; sketches, photographs and diagrams.

This is an ideal book if you have an interest in some of the big questions that come from science, and are looking for some explanations in layman’s terms.  There are also some challenging theories that will make you think.

Title: The big questions in science - the quest to solve the great unknowns
Authors: Hayley Birch, Mun Keat Looi, Colin Stuart,

Recommended by Ana, Central City Library

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