04 July, 2016

The Wolfpack [DVD videorecording]

This movie blew my mind. I mean honestly, I really did not expect to like this movie, but once I got started I couldn't stop watching it. A librarian friend told me to watch it and I must admit I had been putting it off cause it didn't look like my thing, but boy am I glad I did.

A family has been kept inside their apartment all their lives by their tyrannical father. They are a family of nine, two parents, six boys and one girl who some years never leave the house at all.

This movie follows the boys story, of their troubles with their controlling father, their admittance that their lives are not normal and an overwhelming feeling of wanting to escape their jail for a taste of freedom. Sounds crazy I know.

It's a sad story, but one of hope, as they show their creativity to make their lives easier by making props for movies they film in the apartment, to their overwhelming love they have for their mother. It's a movie that will stay with you long after it has finished.

Title: The Wolfpack
Starring: Bhagavan Angulo, Govinda Angulo, Jagadisa Angulo, Krsna Angulo, Mukunda Angulo and Narayana Angulo
Rating: M

Recommended by Emma W

Emma W, a library assistant from East Coast Bays Library, can be found zoning out constantly, requesting way too much stuff or humming along to the elevator music in her head.

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  1. Yeah this was a fun documentary with some interesting moments and the boys have some real talent in scene recreation (those were my fave bits).


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