21 July, 2016

The secret life of Luke Livingstone by Charity Norman

Luke Livingstone – successful London solicitor and caring family man – has a secret, and it’s going to blow his world apart. But Luke has come to the point of no return, and relationships and loyalties are going to be tested.

This is a novel about being courageous and becoming who you are meant to be, despite the enormous cost.

I can’t give away too much about this enlightening story without spoiling it, but I can say that it involves a sensitive subject and handles it with intelligence and compassion.

The authenticity of the novel makes sense when you consider that Charity Norman is a barrister with years of experience in family law. She worked in London, but is now based in Napier. She has written four novels, all of which are easily readable and moving, and she is gaining a strong following. Highly recommended.

Title: The secret life of Luke Livingstone
Author: Charity Norman

Recommended by Judy W, Orewa Library

Judy W may appear to work as a library assistant, but in her own mind she is a top criminal defence lawyer and animal rights activist.

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