18 July, 2016

Jackie after O by Tina Cassidy

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis has always been a person I have admired ever since I was very young. The first I heard of her was when I was young and my dad was hearing the news of Jack Kennedy's assassination.

Later on I had read snippets about her in the news, but this book opened my eyes to the person she was .She was  talented and knowledgeable person with very good judgement. Her chic style and fortitude held her in good stead even in the media glare. She was a very private person in a very public world.

Jackie after O, tells us how she got out of the shadows of the two famous men she was married to -Jack Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis.As, Jacqueline Lee Bouvier ,words and books were central to her life and she used this strength to give meaning to her life in her mid life when her children had left her home to pursue their studies and she was on her own without a partner to share her interests.
She started from scratch by taking up a job with Viking Press to make it possible to find a niche with books and writing which was her true love.

It was very interesting to know of her role in saving the then dilapidated Grand central station in New York. When I saw it in New York last year, the architecture and grandeur just blew me away, and I was so grateful to Jacqueline for her consistent efforts to make such a vibrant place come back to life, when the odds were stacked against her. Her love for history and old buildings helped in preserving many other places for posterity. Her love for France and it's people is very evident in this book.
In this book ,she comes across as an intelligent woman of style, sensitivity and a very down to earth person. Women all over the world,  can relate to her emotions in this book.

Title: Jackie after O
Author: Tina Cassidy

Reviewed by Kanchan T, Blockhouse Bay Library

Kanchan is a library assistant and books mean the world to her.

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