01 July, 2016

Infuse: herbal teas to cleanse, nourish and heal by Paul Grainger & Karen Sullivan

I was first attracted by the beautiful book cover of Infuse. After I flipped through the pages casually, I felt that I was hooked and had to read through from beginning to the end at once.

It starts by telling you what utensils you will need for preparing a delicious herb tea, and then teaching you how to get the herbs for your tea by DIY—wildcrafting, drying , grinding and powdering herbs. It also tells you about the different ways of making herb tea according to the various materials and tips on how to DIY your own tea blends. 

A total of seventy three recipes for cleansing, nourishing, and healing teas are introduced in the book. The “herb-pedia” at the end of the book gives you a general background to each of the different types of herbs mentioned in the book. 

Four symbols appearing in the book give warnings if teas are unsuitable for certain groups—for example, during pregnancy.

It is a book which goes beyond just tea recipes. I hope you will find some useful recipes from it for yourself, like me, and enjoy a cup of tea this winter.   

Author: Paul Grainger and Karen Sullivan

Recommended by Honour Z, Northcote Library

Honour Z works at Northcote Library. She loves reading biographies and nonfiction in general.

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