18 July, 2016

Game of Scones: all men must dine by Jammy Lannister

Game of Scones is a small book with a dark, shinny cover and there is no doubt that it is a cookbook based on the ‘Game of Thrones’ series.  Inside there is a range of recipes and food preparation examples which are explained in detail with dramatic photographs.  In the last page of the book there is an advertisement for another recipe book called “Baking Bad. Great recipes. No meth-in around”.

The whole book is a work of art and the content, text, diagrams and photos all illustrate the GoT theme.

The recipes and techniques are clever and even if you are not a great Game of Thrones fan, you might appreciate the detail and how fairly simple ingredients can be transformed into fun food items.  You could equally use many of the examples for Halloween treats. For ‘Oberyn’s smashing surprise’, a standard hollow chocolate easter egg is used, filled with raspberry jam and cashew nuts, and decorated into a medieval head – which can then be smashed open with dramatic (and tasty) results.

The book starts with simple bran muffins, but these are transformed into edible characters.  There are ‘Jaqen’s chocolate coins’, ‘the iron scone’, ‘Sigil snacks’, ‘Nedible Stark and traitors walk treats’ and the ‘Red (velvet) Wedding Cake’ – described as “deliciously bloodthirsty cake makes a wedding gift to die for, though some may find it hard to stomach …”.  The cake has arrows and a sword stuck into it, is liberally covered in spilt ‘blood’ and in the place of the traditional bride and groom there is a male figure who is being dispatched by the female figure.

If you are a G o T fan you will love this little book, but even if you are not, you will enjoy seeing the techniques and products from this clever baker and ‘superfan’ (as he describes himself) Jammy Lannister.                                    
Title: Game of Scones: all men must dine
Author: Jammy Lannister

Recommended by Ana W, Central Library

Ana W enjoys reading and listening to music, travelling and many other things. She reads fiction, non-fiction and from genres, crime: the Scandinavian crime writers, Patricia Highsmith and some others.

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