03 June, 2016

Time travelling with a hamster by Ross Welford.

The idea of time travel has always fascinated me, and this children's book deals with the conundrums posed by this method of travel in an easily understandable way. Al Chaudhury's  adventure begins when he attempts to carry out the instructions in the letters from his father that are given to him on his twelfth birthday. Written just before his untimely death, he tells his son of the time-travelling machine he invented in the hope that Al can change history and prevent the childhood accident that will eventually kill him.

If Al decides to try, as he obviously does, he must travel back to 1984 to carry out certain tasks, all without losing Adam Shearer (the hamster) who he takes along for the ride. Fun and problems follow because changing the past is not quite as simple as it would at first appear.

 A humorous read, although slightly darker in places than I expected, it certainly highlights the possible pitfalls of trying to change history. A gripping read that informs while posing interesting questions, all without detracting from the story. This book will captivate young readers interested in science, time travel or just a great story.

Title: Time Travelling with a hamster
Author: Ross Welford
Reviewed by Lynda T, East Coast Bays.

Lynda T reads anything that grabs her interest, but is particularly interested in science fiction and young adult novels.

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