18 June, 2016

The silent cry by Cathy Glass

Cathy Glass has been a foster parent and has helped many children in her care. It was amazing to see how empathy by the foster carer for the child and their family , makes a difference to them psychologically, and helps them  adjust to the problems that they are facing . Every child is unique and the author shows how a foster parent has to take into consideration the environment that they come from. She shows how to handle boisterous kids  who actually are quite scared and vulnerable underneath their tough exterior. Innocent kids learn the ways of the world through the parent/caregiver who gives them the right guidance . This helps them to grow into well adjusted adults.

Cathy also shows how not to brush off depression problems that young mothers may have after a pregnancy and how important it is to address them with specialized care if a solution is needed. Parents often need help with their children as, it can be overwhelming at times and the foster carer supports them in their journey.

The book shows the importance of a good carer who is sensitive to the needs of a child and is flexible to the demands of a job which can call on their services at a very short notice.

Title: The Silent Cry
Author: Cathy Glass

Reviewed by Kanchan T, Blockhouse Bay Library
Kanchan T loves reading biographies and inspirational stories

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