02 June, 2016

Storm front by Jim Butcher

Storm front is the first book in Jim Butcher’s “The Dresden Files”. An urban fantasy set in Chicago, it’s written like a cross between The Maltese Falcon and Harry Potter.

Harry Dresden, private eye and Chicago’s only professional wizard, gets called in to investigate a gruesome double murder that has the police stumped. A couple have been found in a locked hotel room, their hearts ripped from their chests: someone is using magic to murder.

To find the culprit Harry will have to cross paths with Chicago’s mob, a vampire madam, demons and the mysterious Shadowman. Plus he’ll have to find the guilty party quickly because the White Council, a group dedicated to keeping the supernatural secret from the public, has dispatched its own investigator and has decided Harry’s probably guilty. Harry must find the real murderer or die in their place.

The Dresden Files is a well written series with a great blend of action, humour and drama. There’s a large supporting cast of interesting characters who feel as if they have lives of their own and are not just there for Harry to explain things to.

So far The Dresden Files are fifteen books long (around twenty have been planned), a collection of short stories (Side Jobs) and a novella (Back Up) featuring a supporting character in the main role (contains spoilers: do not read before finishing book 6).

If you like detective stories and well written urban fantasy check out The Dresden Files, also Benedict Jacka’s “Alex Verus” series which is similar to Butcher’s in tone, premise and hero’s back story.

Title: Storm front
Author: Jim Butcher

Recommended by Murray L, Devonport Library

Murray L enjoys horror, sci-fi, fantasy and mystery books.

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