27 June, 2016

Something new [graphic novel] : tales from a makeshift bride by Lucy Knisley

I have been to very few weddings in my life, and only ever helped prepare for one.  Still, my minimal experiences with the planning and running around like headless chickens have been enough for me to know – organising a wedding is serious business.

Enter cartoonist and comic artist Lucy Knisley, who has never really thought about getting married – and certainly not with John, her ex-boyfriend (who she was still madly in love with at the time). However, one thing led to another and before she knew it, Knisley was organizing wedding dresses and arguing with her mother about how many people to invite.

If you’ve ever read anything of hers before, you’ll know that she doesn’t shy away from being honest with herself and her readers. Putting parts of her life on show that you don’t often see or think about (like her terrible, no-good, first ever big argument with her mom; the pressure – from advertising and otherwise - that suddenly bombards you when you update your social media to ‘engaged’; the joy of seeing her fiancée and knowing she’s going to 'marry the heck out of him') and depicting how she reflects back on her own values while suffering through these ‘small’ (not to a bride to be, I’m sure) trials, Knisley makes a lovely autobio comic about the highs and lows of planning the wedding she never expected.

I was a huge fan of Lucy Knisley’s before, and still am now. Art-wise, her books have gotten clearer and more polished (compared to French Milk, which was already beautiful) and her storytelling skills the same. As autobiographical comic artists go, Lucy Knisley is a fave of mine and Something New did not disappoint.

Title: Something New: Tales from a Makeshift Bride
Author: Lucy Knisley

Recommended by Dana S, Central Library

Dana S is a library assistant who loves any kind of organising or planning, especially when it involves a list or two and some crafts. She is not, however, very good at:
  • organising;
  • planning; and/or
  • crafts.
As you can see, she's pretty darn good at making a list though - and one out of four ain't bad.

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