26 June, 2016

Slice Harvester – A Memoir in pizza by Colin Atrophy Hagendorf

What first attracted me to this book was of course the triangular beacon of delicious, greasy NYC pizza pie that takes center stage on the cover. And as with the promise of its cover, the pages within rose to the challenge to continue grumbling my tummy. And in my case - and to my husband’s delight, three trips to my local Sal’s pizza. 

Colin is a self-proclaimed punk, a man who has his own personal set of demons that he deals with, while on a mission to try all the pizza joints in New York city and write a review blog about them that becomes an international sensation. 

Shadowing Colin is a hard lifestyle of alcoholism (while working in a bar), coupled by a tendency to compulsively lie to all around him – including himself.  However after 2 ½ years and 436 slices of pizza, his mission helped give him a path forward and an opportunity to indulge his pallet and his gift for writing.

Colin has a clear and authentic punk rocker voice that will make you cringe, laugh and occasionally salivate at his vividly human anecdotes.

Author: Colin Atrophy Hagendorf 

Reviewed by Suzy D, Mt Albert Library

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