08 June, 2016

Real modern

As someone brought up by 50s parents (although I wasn’t born during this period), this book helped prompt discussions with my mother. 

Vintage / retro appeals to me – although I’m not planning to redecorate my house, or completely change my style, to suit. But there are definitely aspects of this period which draw me in. 
And, not just me. As the profusion of vintage / retro items / shops / events show. It’s a style that has become popular and fashionable. 

Real modern, lavishly illustrated with photographs of everyday objects which represent the era, places these items firmly in their historical context. Instead of a homogeneous world with little strife, 1950s and 60s New Zealand comes to life. 

If you have older family members around, and want to trawl their memories before they, sadly, can’t share them any more, then get out Real modern and use it as a conversation starter. 

Title: Real modern: everyday New Zealand in the 1950s and 1960s.  
Author: Bronwyn Labrum. 

Recommended by Annie C, Helensville Library. 

Annie C is a voracious and versatile reader, but her habitual reads are fantasy, romance, and a diverse selection of non-fiction subjects. 

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