13 June, 2016

Boundaries: people and places of Central Otago by Brian Turner

From the deep South comes another fabulous book by poet, author, cyclist and conservationist  Brian Turner.
Raised in Dunedin he now lives in Oturehua (population around 30) in the Ida Valley,  Maniototo, Central Otago.

To many of us in the north, Central is a mythical land tinged with the romance of the gold mining days. Vast unpopulated landscapes, mountain ranges capped with snow, vineyards, rivers, tussock, historic buildings - scenery to die for in other words. Small close knit communities – ‘the way New Zealand used to be’…. we think.
Hmmnnnn….. Read this book and think again. Turner tells it as he witnesses it.

The attack against nature is taking place here as it is world-wide. Wilding pines, tussock removal, dairying degrading water quality. Financial gain coming before preserving natural landscapes.
Beautiful photography, Turner’s poems and local stories create a wonderful sense of this special place.
Loved it.

Title: Boundaries: people and places of Central Otago

Author: Brian Turner; photography by Steve Calveley
Recommended by Claire S, Information Services, Central Library

Claire S enjoys reading biographies, art, New Zealand and other interesting bits and pieces.

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