24 June, 2016

Art forms in nature : the prints of Ernst Haeckel : one hundred color plates

This is a stunningly beautiful book that will appeal to art lovers as well as those fascinated by the weird and wonderful variations of forms in nature. With 100 plates of amazing illustrations there is plenty to study and enjoy. Submerge yourself in the details, it is a feast for the eyes.

Ernst Haeckel, (1834 - 1919), was born in Prussia, and was a zoologist, evolutionist and professor of comparative anatomy at the University of Jena. He has been credited with introducing the terms phylum, phylogeny, and ecology. He identified many new species of living beings and gave names to thousands of them. Obviously he was also a skilled artist as well.

This volume highlights the research and findings of this natural scientist. Powerful modern microscopes have confirmed the accuracy of Haeckel's prints, which even in their day, became world famous.

Title: Art forms in nature : the prints of Ernst Haeckel : one hundred color plates
Author:  with contributions by Olaf Breidbach and Irenäus Eibl-Eibesfeldt and a preface by Richard Hartmann ; [translated from the German by Michele Schons ; edited by Michael Ashdown].

Recommended by Anita S, Blockhouse Bay Library

Anita S reads widely and eclectically, but most often random non-fiction fact books, good general and teen fiction, (often dystopian future types), fantasy and sci-fi if they cover a new angle on something, kids books and... actually she'll take a look at most stuff. Books are great! She also loves art and illustration..

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