14 June, 2016

Always the bridesmaid by Lindsey Kelk

Chick-lits aren't my go-to when I pick up a book. I tend to prefer - well, scroll down to the bottom, that little paragraph about me will fill you in.

Sometimes though, I just want to read outside my usual genres, and there is something to be said for browsing the catalogue with no expectations and borrowing a title on a whim. 

It was during such a time that I borrowed Always the bridesmaid on OverDrive, and this whim left me pleasantly surprised.

In this book, we meet Maddie Fraser, a young woman perpetually stuck in the background: her crazy boss treats her like a slave, her ex traded her in, her friends take her for granted, and she's always the bridesmaid.

Suddenly, one best friend is in wedding countdown while the other faces marriage meltdown, and let's add to that the fact her ex is also headed down the aisle.

Maddie soon finds herself juggling bridezilla texts, late night counselling sessions and a chance at promotion at work, only to wonder whether it's time to stop putting everything and everyone else first, and go after what she wants.

Despite having no expectations when I began this book, I really enjoyed it. It was light, moved along quickly and Maddie is very sympathetic as a main character - there was many a time where I became offended on her behalf! 

I also liked Kelk's exploration of female friendships, how she took Maddie on journey from people-pleaser to self confident woman and her take on different kinds of relationships.

If you're keen for a light-hearted but heart-warming chick-lit, check out Always the bridesmaid now!

Title: Always the bridesmaid
Author: Lindsey Kelk

Recommended by Sucheta R, Grey Lynn Library

Sucheta R is based in Grey Lynn Library. When she doesn't read, she has an overflowing shelf full of books and an ever-growing to-be-read pile. When she does read, it’s two or three books at the same time: a few chapters here, a few chapters there and a few more somewhere else. Sucheta likes dystopian sci-fi, contemporary fantasy, satire, young adult and the occasional classic.

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