12 May, 2016

Wyrmeweald. Returner's wealth by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

Wyrmeweald is a hard, brutal place where only the strongest survive. Micah, a young farmhand from the plains, decides to undertake a journey to this harsh place in order to gain returner's wealth. He believes that this will help him win the hand of a young woman with whom he has fallen in love.

Mountainous Wyrmeweald is home to the kin and their dragon partners. The plains people, known as the kith, are their enemies. They come hoping to obtain wealth by hunting the dragons for the rich rewards they can earn by harvesting their valuable bones and organs. The harsh, rough terrain matches the characters of many of the people who manage to survive there.  

A tale loaded with plenty of action, adventure and memorable characters that draw you in. Chris Riddell's art adds to the story with his depictions of the various dragon types and some of the more depraved dwellers of this region.

This is the first novel in the Wyrmeweald trilogy. A teen novel that I would recommend to fantasy fans and dragon lovers, although not for the squeamish. I'm looking forward to exploring this world further in the sequels.

Title: Wyrmeweald. Returner’s wealth.
Author: Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

Reviewed by Lynda T, East Coast Bays Library.

Lynda T reads anything that grabs her interest, but is particularly interested in science fiction and young adult novels.

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