09 May, 2016

Waking Up in Time: Finding inner peace in times of accelerating change by Peter Russell

In light of the turmoil over the many problems that humanity and the globe is facing at the moment, this is a good read and may help to understand what is going on.

Without dwelling on our problems negatively, it is sensible to examine them and try and work out solutions. This is true on both a personal level and a global one.

Peter Russell studied with Stephen Hawking, and has spent a lifetime working on the nature of consciousness and philosophy, mindfulness and meditation.

He examines how we got to this point in time, and how we have dealt with our problems in the past, and what is needed at this point in time to overcome them.

He believes we have a choice. Either choose sustainable, less materialistic and more sane answers to our problems, or continue on our merry way and risk disaster.

A very good, intelligent and thoughtful discussion of how we might manage to avert global problems and reach peace and tranquility within ourselves.

Author: Peter Russell

Reviewed by Clare at Massey Library

Clare loves reading and thinks that working in a library isn't really work at all.

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