07 May, 2016

The Siege by Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark

The Siege : Three Days of Terror Inside the TajI found this book very interesting as I lived in Mumbai before migrating to New Zealand. All the places in the book are familiar to me and it was like going down memory lane and back to the terrorist bombs that took place in 1993. I was there when it happened, but the fear of what havoc terrorists can create on innocent people cannot be forgotten. "The Siege" has been put together so well by acclaimed British foreign correspondents documenting each incident with so much detail.

The Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai was opened in 1903 and the founder was Jamsetji Tata a philanthropic Parsi gentleman. Hollywood stars and famous personalities from all over the world visited the Taj. The architect William Chambers made sure people would gasp with it's opulence.

Lashkar-e-Toiba, a Jihadi organization from Pakistan, sent ten insurgents for an assault on the Taj, The Leopold  Cafe, Chabad House and Churchgate Station. It was 26th of November 2008 and the holy warriors let loose their anger on  unsuspecting people. The staff efforts to save the guests and the will of people to survive against all odds has been brought out so well The heroic efforts by police officers and even ordinary people to save lives when death stared them in their face has been portrayed so beautifully in this story of squashed dreams and mayhem that lasted for three terrifying days.

Title: The Siege
Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott -Clark

Reviewed by Kanchan T at Blockhouse Bay Library.

Kanchan loves to read biographies and inspirational stories.

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