23 May, 2016

The Safe-Keeper's secret by Sharon Shinn

Lover of magical realism am I, and always fond of a simple story with some fairy tale-ish whimsy. Give me a female lead with a goal and throw in some magic, intrigue and 'olden times' and I am there in a heart beat.

The Safe-Keeper's Secret, a teen fiction by leading fantasy author Sharon Shinn, is the first in a series of three. A simplistic world - no fairy dust or dragons here - with a little twist: there are Safe-Keepers - who can be told a secret and trusted to never share, Truth-Tellers - who are unable to let a lie past their lips, and the Dream-Maker - destined to live a life of misery, but grants the wishes of those around them.

One night, while in labour with her own child, Damiana, Safe-Keeper of small town Tambleham, is delivered another secret for the night: a second child, from who-knows-where, to be kept safe from who-knows-what. She names them Fiona and Reed, and bring them up together as siblings. As they get older, Fiona is determined to follow in her mothers footsteps and become a Safe-Keeper, no matter what Thomas the Truth-Teller says - and Reed just wants to learn and try everything he possibly can, no matter the town rumors that he may be the illegitimate child of the heirless King.

A slow-paced but lovely tale, The Safe-Keeper's Secret is for those who like a hint of romance and magic but aren't in need of a grandiose battle or war. Similar to authors like Robin McKinley who infuse every story they spin with a wondrous flair, Sharon Shinn has created a fantastic little world for us to drop into.

Title: The Safe-Keeper's secret
Author: Sharon Shinn

Recommended by Dana S, Central Library

Dana S isn't bad at keeping secrets, and she usually tells the truth. She definitely won't tell anyone you ate the last cookie from the cookie jar - and did you know, you look lovely today?

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