08 May, 2016

Project blastoff by Mark Kelly

Every once in a while you find yourself reading stories that keep you laughing long after you’ve finished them! For me, Project Blastoff, was one of those. New York Times bestselling author Mark Kelly, takes us on a journey into a thrilling and hilarious adventure based on his own childhood with his twin brother Scott.

The summer before sixth grade, Mark and Scott get into trouble with their dad and as a punishment they are sent to their grandfather’s house in New Jersey. The only problem is that Grandpa has no TV and soon the twins are up to their usual antics. On Grandpa’s suggestion to channel their abundant energy into building a go-kart, the twins decide to take it to another level. With the help of Jenny, nicknamed Egg, and a crew of can-do local kids, the twins set out to build a real-live rocket that will blast off and orbit the Earth. What follows is a novel that is jam-packed with adventure, aeronautical science, and laugh-out-loud sibling rivalry and camaraderie.

This story captivated me from start to finish. If not for the aeronautical terms and physics theories that kept me fascinated, it was the twins’ relationship and their hysterical pranks that had me laughing all night! Mark Kelly’s first middle-grade novel is very well written with vivid description and attention to detail that will beguile anyone with even a smidgen of interest in science! The most interesting aspect of this book is that it’s based on the actual childhood of two real-life NASA astronauts. That’s right, both Mark and Scott are now retired NASA astronauts and are the only twins to have traveled in space!

Reading books about real people and seeing how they have succeeded in life should be more than just inspiring, but motivational enough for anyone to believe they can reach the stars themselves!

Author: Mark Kelly

Recommended by Surani R, Waitakere Central Library, Henderson.
Surani R enjoys reading biographies, travelogues, some non-fiction, and loves fiction that makes you laugh out loud. She also finds comfort in children’s fiction with thought-provoking stories. 

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