30 May, 2016

King's property by Morgan Howell

I have always loved fantasy. There's something about a fantasy book that opens doors straight into the imagination and keeps it captive till the very last page.

Some fantasy books I steer clear from. Ones with unpronounceable names, maps and the never ending glossary of a foreign language put me off completely. I like to be utterly enthralled, not skipping through pages to see where the army of Orcs and Humans is now located or trying to decipher in a foreign language what is going on.

Putting all my prejudices aside, this book changed all that. This book has contained within it a glossary and a map, and some of the names are kinda normal, so I can remember the characters halfway through the book. I was not expecting to like this book as I usually like the fluffier side of fantasy but this book was totally worth every word deciphered.

There are Orcs who are made out to be the monsters in the start, but gradually become the heroes, showing how cruel human nature can be. Dar, the heroine of this story, is a spirited woman fighting for her life using intelligence and bravery. She becomes conscripted into the King's Army, basically a servant until she befriends an Orc and slowly defies the odds against her and the Orc’s being used for the benefit of the army.

This book totally blew my mind, made me realise that I can be a bit judgmental against books outside of my comfort level. Now I've requested the next book in the series and cannot wait.

Title: King's property
Author: Morgan Howell
Series: Queen of Orcs Book 1

Recommended by Emma W, East Coast Bays Library

Emma W, a library assistant from East Coast Bays Library, can be found zoning out constantly, requesting way too much stuff or humming along to the elevator music in her head.

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