05 May, 2016

How to be a Tudor by Ruth Goodman

I've become a bit of a fan-girl over Ruth Goodman - her TV documentary series, and her books. 

She's lived as a Tudor, Victorian, Edwardian, and as a worker on a medieval castle building site. So, she can talk authoritatively about  such subjects.

When she talks about baking bread, sewing, cooking... you know she's done it. She lives the history we hardly ever read about it books. The history of the everyday, lived by normal people - not the aristocracy. 

A joy for any one interested in this period of history. 

Title: How to be a Tudor: a dawn-to-dusk guide to everyday life
Author: Ruth Goodman. 

Recommended by Annie C, Helensville Library. 

Annie C is a voracious and versatile reader, but her habitual reads are fantasy, romance, and a diverse selection of non-fiction subjects. A life-long love of children’s books, particularly picture books, helps in her day-to-day role as a children’s librarian. 

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