11 May, 2016

Dot con by James Veitch

James Veitch did what they tell us all never to do: he replied to a very obvious scam email and hilarity ensued. He very kindly put the best of these email communications in a book to cheer us all up and to teach us a thing or two about digital intelligence along the way.

In Dot Con, James Veitch poses as a modern day Wooster to lure his scammers in while his inner Jeeves exposes their clumsy attempts to scam him. I have my favourites, as you will have yours: mine are Solomon the gold dealer and the would-be Russian bride.

So far, I have not read one luke-warm review on Dot Con and I am rattling my brain cells to find superlatives to describe this book that haven’t already been used. What can I say except that I loved, loved, LOVED it! I was kicked out of the lunch room for guffawing and spluttering. This comic gem is an easy read, a pick-me-up, a treat on a rainy day. I can’t wait for a follow-up book, but James Veitch may have to change his online name as, he tells us, the scammers seem to be onto him and are now giving him a wide berth.

Dot con by James Veitch.

Monica F, Waitakere Central Library, Henderson.

Monica F is happiest in gumboots and apron, attending to her animals, harvesting her crops and making stuff. Like all truly wholesome people, she has a dark side, and enjoys nothing better than well written true crime and forensic medicine.

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