05 May, 2016

Aha, Awakening. Honesty. Action. : the god moment that changes everything by Kyle Idleman

I have to say, Kyle Idleman’s writing is not a comfortable read, but rather like an intensive light glaring its mega wattage   into the messy crumb littered detritus of the self, the Christian self that is.  This book is for anyone who identifies as being a practising Christian, more than the “well, I went to Sunday school as a kid/I was baptised” kind of Christian.

Idleman's  message is that with the best of intentions, our own interests,  the lure of all the little baubles of life  nicely packaged as self care and self esteem, get in the way.  And of course we all can identify with this, in whatever form or behaviour our Archilles heel takes.

This is not a judgmental you filthy sinner type of book, but rather look at it as going in for a spiritual tune up. You might wince at the work needing doing and the effort/cost involved in getting the spiritual warrant, yet necessary.

The “Aha” premise is threefold. First you have the realisation there is a “situation” or behaviour that isn’t sitting comfortably with your professed faith and then you get honest about it, where you own it, walk around the wreckage and assess the damage and avoid doing an Adam -“she made me” blame response.  Then there is the third step, where you self correct and begin the sometimes painful actions that might be  necessary. Really isn’t all of life a series of these moments? I guess the more you check in and go for regular  “maintenance” sessions, the less severe the correction or tune up needed.

If this sounds pretty heavy going, its not. The writing is direct, compassionate, anecdotal and gently humorous. It is the honesty and precision of the writing that makes it is so compelling and yes, uncomfortable. I read two of Kyle Idleman’s books back to back, certainly powerful stuff and food for thought. I would absolutely recommend you read his earlier work,  Not a fan, which is also available in an   E-book format.

And as a humorous aside, one of the things the author talks about is the posturing we all do to a certain extent, to project a certain something to the outside world. Now every time I go the gym (which is not often) I smile as I remember Idleman saying when he moves from a weight machine he casually moves the pin lower to make it seem  as though he has been lifting heavier than the reality. I guess that’s kind of like, saying “well I only have maybe a one to two glasses of wine during the week”. Riiiight.

Title: Aha, Awakening, Honesty, Action. : the god moment that changes everything.
Author:  Kyle Idleman

Recommended by: Sue W

Sue W loves her fur babies equally but differently and uses time out to think about bad behaviours, she has been known to forget about the miscreant and then earn the title of worst-mother-ever.

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