15 April, 2016

The Trip: Andy Warhol's plastic fantastic cross-country adventure by Deborah Davis

This is a book about a little known road trip Andy Warhol took from New York to LA in 1963 to attend the opening of his first solo show.
Poet Gerard Malanga, filmmaker Taylor Mead and painter Wynn Chamberlain accompany him in this crazy, drug-fuelled, 5 day adventure through heartland America in a Ford Falcon.
The stack of receipts from Warhol’s archives enables Davis to follow in their footsteps as she travels Route 66 making notes about the many places they visited.
Obsessed by Hollywood and celebrity we get to see ‘60s America through the eyes of a pop-artist. Inspired by the kitsch and billboards of Route 66 Warhol said “ I don’t ever want to live anyplace where you couldn’t drive down the road and see drive-ins and giant ice cream cones and walk-in hot dogs and motel signs flashing.”
It’s a refreshing, entertaining take on the early part of Andy’s career before he became famous. His illustrating & advertising work enabled him to buy a four storied townhouse on Lexington Avenue, Manhattan at a time when most artists were struggling to get by. Davis also goes into detail about his mother Julia who lived with him. Her background and the important role she played in Andy’s life is fascinating.
I loved it. It’s a colourful time capsule and a fun trip.
Recommended by Claire S, Information Services, Central Library
Claire’s reading includes biographies, art, New Zealand and other interesting bits and pieces.

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