27 April, 2016

The art of slow writing: Reflections of time, craft, and creativity. by Louise DeSalvo

This is such a beautifully written book, as satisfying as a long luxurious stretch when you’re feeling sleepy. Not a how-to for writers, more of an unfolding, an exploration of the written word for the curious, those that like words on the page, those that craft those words, and a gentle encouragement to mentally forage for the beginning seedlings of an idea that may lead on to the written word.

There is so much contained within the covers of this book, it is a portal into a lovely expanse of all things writing related and yet it clearly addresses the hard grafting element of writing, the lonely arduous self doubting moments.  And then there are the  painful revisions again and again ad infinum as well as the tenacity needed  to pick up your wounded self and carry on when you face inevitable criticisms and "thanks but no".

If you hold a somewhat romantic idea of the creative genius penning written wonders effortlessly, this book might be somewhat of a myth buster.  Maybe you are a bibliophile and love the written word, guaranteed you will have a deepened appreciation of just what an endurance course writing  is that only the most determined (some may say masochistic) writers finish. Maybe you just like to read well crafted reflective writing, step inside a while. You won’t want to leave, and when you do reluctantly turn the final page you will wonder if it is too soon to immediately begin again.

Title: The art of slow writing. Reflections of time, craft, and creativity.

Author: Louise DeSalvo

Recommended by: Sue W (Central Library)

Sue W loves her fur babies equally but differently and uses time out to think about bad behaviours, she has been known to forget about the miscreant and then earn the title of worst-mother-ever.

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