30 April, 2016

Take care love accidentally [DVD videorecording]

Frannie has just been hit by a car and has just been released from the hospital. She has broken her left leg and right arm and cannot care for herself and after being passed around by her family and friends, she realises that they cannot give her the care that she needs.

Frannie guilt trips her ex-boyfriend into helping her, after all she once looked after him when he was sick. What follows is a funny light-hearted comedy of second chances and seeing someone you thought you knew in a different light.

After seeing Frannie go through the efforts of trying to get people to help her puts into perspective that who would I rely on to help me in my time of need. I also loved how she reconnected with her ex and that even though it started out as a blackmail tactic, Frannie and her ex realise the reasons why their relationship went wrong and can finally get some closure from it.

It was a nice fluffy romantic comedy that flowed along quite nicely.

Starring: Leslie Bibb, Thomas Sadoski, Betty Gilpin
Rating: M

Recommended by Emma W

Emma W, a library assistant from East Coast Bays Library, can be found zoning out constantly, requesting way too much stuff or humming along to the elevator music in her head.

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