22 April, 2016

Sinatra by Andrew Howick

One of the largest photo collections on Frank Sinatra--a former American singer, song writer, actor, conductor and producer; one of the  best-selling music artists of all time, and an Academy Award winner for Best Supporting Actor.

This book lets you see an evergreen icon of American and worldwide jazz music-- how Frank Sinatra beats the times and trends, and made his own empire. His voice won over the hearts of five generations, and his popularity remains unfaded.

Meticulously selected photos accompanied by punchy commentary. The selection focuses on the period from 1943 to 1990.

The book also leads you into this entertaining genius’s contradictory world—A comedic exterior hiding a lonely soul; a generous philanthropist living a life of luxury.  

The foreword by his widow, Barbara Sinatra, is full of love and gives a vivid, personal insight into the real Frank she loved.  

You will receive amazing enjoyment when you listen to his music while reading this book. 

As Frank himself said, “May you live to be 100, and may the best voice you hear be mine”

Title: Sinatra
Author: Andrew Howick

Recommended by Honour Z, Northcote Library

Honour Z works at Northcote Library. She loves reading biographies and nonfiction in general.

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