18 April, 2016

One-Punch Man by One and Yusuke Murata

If you love manga, and haven't heard of One-Punch Man, then you haven't lived (or been on the internet for the past year or two). Grab your cape, hold onto your hair and get ready to meet one of the most lovable heroes you'll ever read about.

Saitama is a hero for fun. Sick of his normal, boring life, and being a weak human in the face of monsters, Saitama decides to quit his job and train vigorously so that he can become a famous hero.

After losing all his feelings (and his hair) due to his strength regimen, Saitama is finally as strong as he wants to be... Maybe too strong in fact. Now able to take out any evil with a single punch, the thrill of battle has dwindled to a longing for someone who might one day put up a fight.

Along with Genos, a lovable yet powerful cyborg who becomes Saitama's disciple - not by any choice of Saitama's - and other city heroes and villains like Mumen Rider ('licence-less rider', he gets around on his heroic bicycle) and Speed o' Sound Sonic (a super-fast ninja with a terrible name), Saitama becomes a professional hero (for fun) who has to deal with the pressure of being expected to save the world and earn his hero wage... While still managing to get to the grocery sales in time to beat the rush.

A fun romp with some witty one-liners, endless anime/manga references (example: Mumen Rider is a play on the popular Japanese show Kamen Rider), awesome battles - Saitama's combo move is 'Consecutive Normal Punches' - One-Punch Man is a hilarious manga for those looking to keep their comic choices... well, comic.

We have volumes 1-5 for you to request, and have the latest English volumes on order as we speak read! (Also available online as an awesome anime!)

Title: One-Punch Man. 01 [graphic novel]
Author: One
Art by: Yusuke Murata

Recommended by Dana S, Central Library

Dana S is very happy with her full head of hair, though she does wish she could throw a good punch or two. You know, just in case real-life crazy villains came to town (and at the same time, she hopes this never happens). She is training for it by doing some boxing, but will probably never reach Saitama's level. Oh well - she can dream.

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