03 April, 2016

My life in ruins: from Petra to Glenrowan: my adventures and misadventures in archaeology

At first glance, this title might sound a bit long winded, but once you start reading the book, Adam Ford will hurl you head first into the fascinating world of archaeologists and take you through a potted view of the history of civilization.

For twenty-five years, Adam Ford has embarked on expeditions to the exotic Caribbean Isles, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, his homeland of the United Kingdom and Australia. In this book, you will read of the many experiences he had working in archaeological digs in these places, the different people he meets and the varied historical and cultural significance of these lands. Adam’s choice of chapter headings is quite quirky and inventive; often revealing a smidgen more of his own personal story. Learning about Adam’s early life and the path he took to become an archaeologist was a compelling and eye-opening experience for me. The many accounts of his student years after being accepted into the Institute of Archaeology at University College London, are filled with interesting anecdotes of all the trials and obstacles he faced including heatstroke, hypothermia, walked on by camel spiders, and nearly being killed more times than he wanted. Through all of this it’s Adam’s unique voice that gives us a clear understanding of what archaeology truly means as ‘the study of our back story.’

This memoir captivated me from start to finish. What struck me the most was the drive and ambition Adam showed from a very young age to become an archaeologist. His perseverance and determination, mixed with all of his energy, enthusiasm and humour into unlocking the mysteries of the past has led him to the current successful position he holds today.
This is a great inspirational read for anyone interested in archaeology and the history of our civilization as humans!

Author: Adam Ford

Recommended by Surani R, Waitakere Central Library, Henderson

Surani R enjoys reading biographies, travelogues, some non-fiction, and loves fiction that make you laugh out loud. She also finds comfort in children's fiction with thought-provoking stories. 

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